The Eleven Best Fake Names from The Simpsons

One of the things that has made The Simpsons so wonderful through the years- mostly through the first ten years- is that the humor is so rich. It shows up everywhere- on street signs, storefront names, spinning newspapers, etc… Along those lines, there has been a flood of hilarious and wonderful fake names given by various characters throughout the show’s run. Here are the eleven best. It is, admittedly, a very Homer-and-Bart-centric list. Also noteworthy is that this should not be confused with the names from Bart’s prank calls to Moe’s, or with the various animal names that have shown up through the years:

When Homer successfully becomes a monorail conductor, Bart expresses pride. This prompts Homer to offer Bart a name change to Homer, Junior. “The kids can call you Ho-Ju!”, he urges.  

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
Homer has a problem, which he unloads on Moe. However, to protect his identity, he blames the problem on a friend and makes up “the worst name” that Moe’s ever heard, leading to an incredible faux-pas on Moe’s part. My favorite part? Drunk Barney imploring the real Joey Jo-Jo to come back.

Brian McGee
Homer gives up beer and turns introspective. In fact, he turns to a song- a spoof of Frank Sinatra’s It Was a Very Good Year– where Homer confesses to being 17, staying up listening to Queen, and purchasing beer with a fake I.D. labeled “Brian McGee”. Because… you know… it rhymes with “17”.

Santos L. Halper
Bart uses junk mail delivered to his dog to attain a credit card, even going as far as to include the occupation “butt doctor”. I wish I’d paid more attention to what happened when Bart couldn’t pay Santos’ credit card bill.

Mr. X
In order to publish a bunch of horrible gossip about Springfieldians on the internet, Homer needs a false moniker. His name? Mr. X. The website greets visitors with a photo of a guy who is very obviously Homer except he’s wearing a big black bag on his head with a question mark on it.

Mr. Snrub
This was a hilariously obvious attempt by Mr. Burns at a town meeting to get money funneled into the nuclear plant.

Joe Kickass
Upon being told that he has to carry on the family name after Homer dies, Bart shuns the responsibility thusly: “Screw that! When I grow up, I’m legally changing my name to ‘Joe Kickass’.” 

George Cauldron
In one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, Bart and Lisa are Hansel and Gretel and they’re held captive/to be eaten by a witch. In one of her stalling tactics, Lisa points out that the witch will die alone. She insists, however, that she has a boyfriend named “George Cauldron” (after obviously seeing her cauldron).

Max Power
TV execs create a show named “Police Cops” in which the protagonist is an oaf named Homer Simpson whose catch phrase is “Uh oh, spaghettios”. Homer, embarrassed by everyone assuming that he was the source of the TV character’s name, changes his name to “Max Power”. Homer even comes up with a James Bond-style song about Max Power:

Chesty LaRue
At the end of the Max Power episode, Homer changes Marge’s name… to Chesty LaRue. This is my favorite by far for very personal reasons. Specifically, my last name is LaRue. When I heard Marge ask what Homer had changed her name to and his reply was “Chesty LaRue”, I grinned from ear to ear.

Homer J. Fong
This was one of the subtler, funnier moments on the show. Homer is in the Kwik-E-Mart and we see a list of people who are no longer allowed to pay with checks. Among them? Homer J. Simpson, Homor J. Simpson, Homer S. Simpson, H.J. Simpson, and my favorite- Homer J. Fong.


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15 responses to “The Eleven Best Fake Names from The Simpsons

  1. Hilarious. This brings back memories of the show’s great old days. I think it’s kind of lost its touch in the last few years, though. Another great idea for a list would be 11 Fake Names from Film and TV in general.

    • At least the last few years, if not the last decade really. You can split the show in half. There’s a Simpsons fan site out there dedicated to the discrepancy between The Simpsons and what they call The Zombie Simpsons. I think there’s some truth to what they say.

    • Most definitely Tyler, it used to be great in the early days but now it’s obviously just skating by and I just don’t find it all that funny anymore.

  2. John you always have the best lists of stuff that must take forever to research!!

    Amazing work my friend!

  3. Kelly

    -“Max Power… what a great name.”
    -“I saw it on a hair dryer.”

    And the credit card episode is one of my faves. I use the line, ‘I can’t promise I’ll try, but I’ll try to try,” all the time. Also, the blind guy is a stoner.

    • Haha, I forgot the “hair dryer” line. My favorite quote from that episode is “Nobody *snuggles* with Max Power, Marge. You strap yourself in and feel the Gs.”

  4. Haha really nice work, I love your blog and love all your posts, i was wondering how you found these names? Full-on research, perhaps?

    • Some simple googling got me most of them. I remembered a few from just seeing the episodes, and the “Tropes” website had a bunch more. I swear, it wasn’t as difficult as it might have seemed.

  5. Oh oh oh! I have one more!

    “Homer? Who is Homer? My name is Guy Incognito!”

    Although come to think of it, it turns out there really was a guy named Guy Incognito. But this is the fake name I always use.

    • Ha… I thought about “Mr. Burns”, too. “Hello, my name is” (pause) “Mr. Burns”.

      “Ah, and what’s your first name, sir?”

      “I… don’t know”.

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  7. Scott

    Brian McGee doesn’t necessarily rhyme with 17. It fits the rhyming structure of the song though.

    The original goes

    “When I was seventeen, it was a very good year
    It was a very good year for small town girls
    And soft summer nights
    We’d hide from the lights
    On the village green
    When I was seventeen”

    Simpsons matched that last 4 short line rhyming scheme

    “I purchased with a fake ID.
    My name was Brian McGee,
    I stayed up listenin’ to Queen
    When I was seventeen.”

    McGee doesn’t rhyme with 17, it rhymes with ID (and it has for bonus points same syllables and emphasis on the second syllable as the strong)

  8. Ant

    Not forgetting that after they killed the witch, George Cauldron actually turned up.

  9. I can’t believe you didn’t mention that “George Cauldron” is a reference to the Brady Bunch.

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