The 12 Best Heads to Appear in Jars in Futurama

Good news, everyone! Futurama returns this week. It all begins Thursday night when the second series since the show’s rebirth will air on Comedy Central. Part of the show’s charm is the group of running jokes- French being a dead language in the future, people saying “aks” instead of “ask” and “X-mas” instead of “Christmas”, etc. One of my favorite running gags is the series of historical figures from the past, present, and future (meaning, time between the year 2000 and the year 3000) whose heads are preserved in jars. Here are the twelve best:


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19 responses to “The 12 Best Heads to Appear in Jars in Futurama

  1. I’ve never watched this show, but this is funny!

  2. Aw! I was looking for the Beastie Boys to be on here, I love that one (and the fact that I’m a music junkie has NOTHING to do with it). But there was Beck. Very nice!!

    • True fact: the reason the Beastie Boys didn’t make the cut is that I couldn’t squeeze all three heads into one circle.

      Speaking of Beck’s Futurama appearance, check out this craziness that I found while trying to get a good shot of Beck for the .psd file:

  3. Kelly

    Glad to see not only Beck here (whose photo I’d hoped would feature his mannequin body), but also Leonard Nimoy. I loved watching him nibble at that fish food. The Beasties’ appearance was also a favorits of mine. And for some reason, I like that Uecker made the cut… must be a Wisconsin thing.

    I am surprised not to see Matt Groening himself listed. Though he may not be cosidered one of the best heads to appear, he is definitely the head with the most appearances!

    • I cracked up seeing Nimoy act like a fish. It was great. Seems like that was one of the first heads, too (but I’m really not sure).

  4. Brilliant John!!

    I do love Futrurama, or One Eyed Simpsons as my 4 year old calls it!!

    Cool post

  5. Nemoy was brilliant.

    I wasn’t that happy with the season premiere : -(( Hope it gets better!

  6. IMDb Hitlist with this one again John, congratulations!!!

  7. Person 1: Somebody wake John up.
    Person 2: Why?
    1: He’s on the Hit List?
    2: No, that was last month.
    1: No, he’s on it AGAIN!
    2: Seriously?
    1: Fuck yeah!
    2: For which post?
    1: The Futurama head thing.
    2: Oh. You know what, let’s not wake him up. He probably already knows.

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  9. I liked Jonathan Frakes (Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation).

    His head in jar appeared in the Trek episode from season 4. When they grab Nimoy’s head in a jar from the museum, Frakes’ head slides up like a can of soda in a convenience store. Frakes then exclaims:

    “Yes! Front row.”

    The fact that they got Frakes onboard for a three word, two second cameo says everything you need to know about Futurama.

  10. The Giants

    Charles De Gaulle!!

    Best head in a jar ever.

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