Movie Character Names That Would Make Great Pet Names

Movies are an easy place to find pet names. I have two friends who have pets with movie-themed names. There are cats named Yoda and Naboo. And then there’s Hitchcock (named after Alfred, Hitch can be seen in this article’s header) and The Wolf Man, both dogs. If you really want to put forth the extra effort, you can incorporate a soul-shredding pun with the name. Some examples:

Lando Catrissian, The Empire Strikes Back
Type of pet: Cat
First of all, Lando is a great name for a pet. Second, cats are just as likely to stab you in the back as Lando.

Harry Lime, The Third Man
Type of pet: Dog
I recommend an English Sheepdog. Anything that’s hairy should be named “Harry Lime”. It makes your pet’s name sound kind of gross and kind of hilarious.

Gollum, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Type of pet: Chihuahua
Presented without further comment:

Antonius Block, The Seventh Seal
Type of pet: A very large dog
Bonus points if your dog is soul-searching about the existence of God.

Fredo Catleone, The Godfather
Type of pet: Cat
Let’s face it, Fredo was a real pussy. Also, your cat would be smart. Not dumb like everybody said.

Varmint Cong, Caddyshack
Type of pet: Hamster or gerbil.
Technically, this wasn’t a character’s name so much as it was Bill Murray’s nickname for the relentlessness of gophers.

Wanda, A Fish Called Wanda
Type of pet: Fish
It’s probably obvious, but who even names a fish to begin with?

Large Marge, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure or Jabba, Return of the Jedi
Type of pet: Dog
But not just any dog. A dog named Marge should be a very fat female dog. Likewise, if your dog is male and fat, name him Jabba.

Jessica, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Type of pet: Rabbit
Much like Wanda, it’s a pretty obvious choice for an animal that doesn’t usually get a name other than hasenpfeffer.

Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street
Type of pet: Cat… especially one that likes to scratch

King Jaffe Joffer, Ruler of Zamunda, Coming to America
Type of pet: Zebra
Owning a pet zebra is a serious responsibility. And the responsibility starts with choosing the proper name. Do things the right way and name your pet zebra after a powerful African King, especially one who doesn’t flood your email inbox with spam from Nigeria. That guy is a jerk.

Khan, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Type of pet: Dog.
Every time you wanted him to come to you, you could yell out ‘KHAAAAAAAAN!”

Popeye Doyle, The French Connection
Type of pet: Works for dogs or cats. It may even work best for a gerbil or hamster.
There isn’t necessarily any logic here. It’s just a cool name.

Gordon Gekko, Wall Street
Type of pet: Lizard. Preferably a gecko.
He even acted like a cold-blooded lizard.

Shaft, Shaft;  Karl Hungus, The Big Lebowski; or Dirk Diggler, Boogie Nights
Type of pet: A dog with a huge penis
As much as absolutely nobody on earth wants to notice it, sometimes dogs are a little bit more well-endowed than others. It happens. Reward these dogs with the appropriate namesake.

Colonel Kurtz, Apocalypse Now
Type of pet: Hairless cat
Cats possess the cruel, ruthless cunning of Colonel Kurtz. Hairless cats possess his bald dome. Capitalize on this.

Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid
Type of pet: Parrot
Consider for one second just how awesome it would be to hear a parrot screeching “Wax on. BRRRAAAACK! Wax off. BRRRRAAACK!”

Uli Kunkel, The Big Lebowski
Type of pet: Ferret. Or marmot.
Pay homage to the most memorable movie ferret by naming it after its owner.

Count Dooku, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Type of pet: Any animal that’s poorly house-trained
Clearly, you should strive to house-train your pets. But if it just won’t take, embrace it by naming it after the character whose name sounds most like what Star Wars fans felt like they got dumped on their head.


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39 responses to “Movie Character Names That Would Make Great Pet Names

  1. I love this post. Funny … here’s my bit (although it’s not a pet)

    Cruella DeVille, “101 Dalmatians”
    Type of animal: skunk
    She had a stinky attitude about dogs.

  2. My sister has a pug, and for God knows what reason, she named it Phillip after Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I told her if I was going to name a pug after an actor, Robert DeNiro, who I believe looks much more like a pug.

    Your choices, however, are priceless. My personal favorite is Kurtz.

  3. muhahaha how funny. I love the Khan one. If I have a sone I am so going to call him that just for that reason!!!

    Our cats are called ‘Rock’ and ‘Roll’ but are the most UN Rock&Roll animals you could ever imagine!!

    Great post matey

  4. Kelly

    A pet zebra? Now that’s funny. A friend of mine has an orange tabby named Rahja, granted he was given the cat with that name when Aladdin was popular. Why he never gave him a different name is beyond me.

    Have you seen those butt-ugly dogs that are hairless, except for a wild tuft on top of their heads, and long tongues sticking out of their mouths? People actually hold Ugliest Dog Contests for them. I would name one of those things Salacious Crumb.

  5. Yo John!

    How about a male french poodle named Marcellus Wallace that everyone thinks is a female? I can hear the dog saying it now, “Do I look like a BITCH?!”. 🙂


  6. martini

    Hitchcock makes for a sweet charlie brown t-shirt wearing dog name

  7. Psst… Sent you an email about potentially podcasting. Did ya get it?
    Drop me a line madhatter(dot)21(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. You forgot to mention the original Jedi Kitty, Sobe Wan Kenobi! I once met a cat named Bust A Roundhouse, and another one named Get Out,

  9. Love it! What about Cujo? Pretty awesome name for a dog, after the dog that terrorizes an entire small town.

  10. El Topo

    I have a beagle named Fezzik. 🙂

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  12. I really wanted to name our dog Avon Barksdale, but lost out on that battle.

  13. rtm

    Fun post, John. I’m pretty sure some people already named their pets after some of these. If someone owns a pet bat, perhaps they can name it Bateman? A batty bat? 😀

    Sorry, clearly I’m not a comedian.

    • Ha, very nice!

      I have to confess- one of the names on this list actually is the name of a pet that my friends (used to) have. They adopted a mangy cat and named it… Varmint. “Anything that looks like that could only be named Varmint”.

      • Ahah, that’s actually a perfect name for a cat. I used to have two cats named after the lead characters in an Australian soap opera, Jack and Jill. For some reason, those names fit my cat perfectly!

  14. Love it! Next time we get a pet, I’m coming back here for inspiration.

    What about Fido?

    …think about it.

  15. Oh, and Yoda (mentioned above) is an awesome name for a dog. I think I knew a pug named Yoda once upon a time.

  16. Funny, I really want a zebra now…. hm…..

  17. I’m going with Bat Guano, from Strangelove.

    Yes, I do have a pet bat. It was born in Louisville.

  18. jessicawdrw

    at the point of life where I decide to purchase a Chihuahua (inevitable)- it will be named Gollum, no doubt about it, thank you kindly for the laugh this post gave me! x

  19. Lissa Masters

    Funny… and creative!

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