Infographic: Great Hats in Television History

Several millennia ago, possibly some scientists and anthropologists might maybe say that Thog the Merciful used his wooden club and sharp stabby implement to forge a head covering out of a wooly mammoth’s fur. He was instantly the most stylish caveman in his tribe, drawing in only the least hairy women and enjoying a meteoric rise to Supreme Chancellor of Cavesburg. Fast forward to modern day and it still holds true. The coolest people wear hats. This is true especially on television. I present to you a handy, dandy infographic illustrating great hats in television history:




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20 responses to “Infographic: Great Hats in Television History

  1. HAHA!! I love that guy from Fat Albert, why didn’t that hat catch on?

    I am slightly partial to a titfer or two, so when it comes to a post about Hats I am there.

    At the moment my fave is a nice straw trilby, makes me look very dapper, if slightly like my Dad,


    • I’m a baseball cap guy, myself. I’d guess that if you took out time spent at work and sleeping, I’ve spent half my life with a hat on my head.

      • HEHE Its a worry isn’t it?

        I am on a bet that I can NOT get me haircut for a year. Harder than you think actually, hair is going through a huge shaggy dog stage. Hats are now essential for everyday life. Roll on Novemeber!!


  2. Kelly

    I really love this. My favorite part of this whole thing is the description of ‘Thog the Merciful.’ And looove that pic of Boss Hogg!! How many chins does that guy really have?

  3. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    I am traditionally a hater when it comes to hats except for baseball hats worn with the bill in the front, but damn, those are some good hats! The only ones I can really be critical of are the Fresh Prince’s hat (bill not centered above eyes) and Blossom’s. I was sure you would include Burt Reynolds in his cowboy hat.

    • Blossom was a late addition. In retrospect, it’s kind of ridiculous that they thought a normal 14 year old girl (in 1990 or whenever) would wear crap like that.

  4. Oh, awesome! I just realized that all Southpark characters wear hats… well more of a hoodie for Kenny. My mom and I watched Dallas religiously when I was a kid, and that JR Ewing’s hat is definitely iconic!

  5. I’ve always noticed a good hat but Christ, some of these shows are too old to have been around in my generation. New Zealand had a large spread of its own cult TV shows and I was too busy watching them. I’ll show this to my dad, though. He’ll probably recognize all of them.

  6. Muy excellente, as usual. And pretty comprehensive, too! I love that you included Simon and Simon…that show was great (or not, but I liked it).

    If only Lee Majors had worn a hat for The Fall Guy…oh wait, he did! 😉

  7. I defintiely see myself as a Don Draper. Though doubtless others would disagree. *cough* “Blossom Russo!” Hey, who said that? I’m takin names!

  8. Great gallery! I love hats, although I am definitely partial to the toque. No pom-poms or ear flaps for me! Favourite TV toque would be Bob McKenzie’s (SCTV) or Relic’s (The Beachcombers). What can I say? I’m a Canadian kid!

  9. Gotta love Tom Selleck representing the ol’ English D! Glad to see him included.

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