Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe would have been 85 today. I spent quite a bit of time racking my brain, trying to figure out a way to recognize her birthday. I toyed with the idea of infographics, photoshop jobs, film reviews, and any other number of ways to honor the woman.

Unfortunately, the reality is that I’ve only seen four of her movies. They were The Seven Year Itch (1955); The Misfits (1961); Some Like It Hot (1959); and The Asphalt Jungle (1950). They were all damned good in just about every way. But I feel a bit remiss trying to do her justice. At most, there are bound to be holes in whatever I say about her. And yet, everyone knows who she is. I definitely know who she is. She’s an American icon. She’s every bit as much of a movie icon as the John Waynes, Charlie Chaplins, or Humphrey Bogarts of the world, if not more so. After all, none of those other icons dropped the jaws of presidents and paupers alike.

She’s practically the boilerplate for the blonde bombshell, in particular the American brand of bombshell. Others came before and since but none combined such fragility, raw sexuality, beauty, and clumsy-yet-sweet, innocent grace. And that’s about as poignant as I can be while still paying proper homage to her. Happy birthday, Marilyn.


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11 responses to “Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe

  1. Great Shout out!! MM was such a beauty. I wish we could go back to this type of glamour and step away from the size zero generation.

    I saw some photos of her without all the make up on and stripped back, still a stunner.

    Happy Birthday Norma

    • It seems that there’s been a bit of a positive swing in that direction with stars like Christina Hendricks (granted, TV) turning some heads.

  2. Mikayla

    Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe,,
    A beautiful woman with or without make-up and on or off TV.
    You will always be my hero, and you will never ever be forgotten and we all love you for your confidence, such a great woman you where:)
    So happy 85th birthday and if you were still here you’d still be the most beautiful 85 year old woman i ever seen!:)
    with all my love

  3. There is a general say that nice things doesn’t stay long, so as nice people. She was so cute a baby with a not so good childhood, because her mom was not well and she was left at the mercy of foster parents. There she had to undergo even sexual abuse. But, she overcome all those adverse situations of life to shoot to fame and became on of all times adorable sex symbols of Hollywood. But, destiny did not allow her to be tortured and exploited for long, she was called back bit early, I would say.

  4. Happy birthday… Marylin Monroe?

    • It’s kind of like the Attack the Block review. Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple. There are all sorts of cockamamie ways I could’ve tipped my cap to her but simply saying how awesome and incredibly beautiful she was, along with a “Happy Birthday”, just felt more appropriate.

      If I was making a TDYLF Actor/Actress Hall of Fame, Marilyn would be one of the first inductees, just because.

  5. Well she certainly knew how to wish someone happy birthday, ahah. It’s quite a coincidence right that I have photos of JFK on my blog, John? 😀

  6. Kelly

    She may be gone, but she will live forever on film. I loved her in Itch, but my favorite of hers is How to Marry a Millionaire. I’ve always admired the fact that she portrayed herself to be having a great time publicly, all the while experiencing an extremely troubled life privately.

    • I really need to spackle in a lot of her movies. How to Marry a Millionaire and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes are two massive holes that I need to fill in.

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