Films That Could Have Starred Smurfs

More and more trailers are making the rounds for the July release of The Smurfs. I have to grudgingly admit- I grew up with the Smurfs television show. And while the upcoming film looks suspect, it’s evoked a nostalgia for the brief two year period when it was ok to admit that you liked the Smurfs. It’s made me wonder if there were other films where these characters could have been used. Here are some suggestions:

A Beautiful Mind starring Brainy Smurf

The Seven Year Itch starring Smurfette.

Thor starring Handy Smurf

Crumb starring Painter Smurf

Man on the Moon starring Jokey Smurf

Zoolander starring Vanity Smurf

The Life Aquatic starring Papa Smurf

American History X starring Gargamel



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12 responses to “Films That Could Have Starred Smurfs

  1. No Avatar? Or was that too obvious?

  2. Ha. Clever. The last two, especially, although Gargamel is a poor substitute for Edward Norton. It’d be a f**ked up movie if they’d cast him.

    • I went straight for the first movie I could think of that had a non-heroic bald guy. For some reason, if people are bald in a movie, they’re action heroes. I’m sure there are more non-heroic bald guys but I couldn’t think of any to save my life.

  3. I suppose coming here and expecting a Boogie Nights version of the Smurfs was a bit much on my part. Kudos to your choices, and graphics. I’m off to the corner to pay penance for my sick imagination.

    • While tracking down images to use for the photoshop work, I found out that there is an inordinate amount of smurf porn out there if you’re not careful with your google searches.

  4. Funny stuff!!!
    Be careful because some of your ideas could be “borrowed” for remakes sometimes soon…
    It’s my first visit on your blog and I will be back because I am having a great time! You are already linked to my Blog!

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  6. Brilliance.

    Crumb, Life Aquatic and Man on the Moon were the highlights for me, though when we’re talking Smurfs in movies that aren’t The Smurfs, there are no losers.

    Grouchy Smurf starred in Greenberg recently. And Azreal?

    • Have you seen the trailer? Azrael is an actual cat. That’s sort of weird to me. I wish they’d CGI’ed him up like the actual smurfs. Well… not “actual” because smurfs aren’t real.

      Or are they?

  7. Brainy in A Beautiful Mind?!?! Sheer friggin’ genius!


    • I suppose this implies that schizophrenia is what drives Brainy’s intelligence. I don’t know why, but I find that thought funny. Too bad there wasn’t an actual Schizophrenicy Smurf.

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