The Big Lebowski, Re-Enacted by the Geico Xtranormal Bears

You may have seen the Geico ads with the weird talking bears “or dogs or something“. They were created at I’ve re-created some scenes from one of my all-time favorite movies, and one of the most quotable films of all-time, The Big Lebowski. Enjoy!

The Dude Meets the Big Lebowski

Walter Eulogizes Donny


The Jesus

Stay Out of Malibu, Lebowski! Stay out of Malibu, Deadbeat!
This one was tough because there weren’t any bears that I felt like might make this work. So I branched out to other Xtranormal characters instead.


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14 responses to “The Big Lebowski, Re-Enacted by the Geico Xtranormal Bears

  1. hehe Very clever matey.

    Although I am intrigued at how it is done and find it very cool, there is something very scary and haunting about the clips. Like dead people talking…..ooooooh

    How was your weekend John? ok? We didn’t get to the flicks this weekend, So I still haven’t seen Attack the Block.


    • Feel free to check it out! gives you enough credits that you can make one of your own videos for free. You just have to enter in the dialogue and camera shots and stuff.

      I had a good weekend, even if it was mostly movie-free. I did manage to check out a British sitcom- “Hyperdrive”, starring Nick Frost.

  2. heyzeus

    Joo said it mon.

  3. Kelly

    Creepy? Yeah, a little bit. Hilarious? Definitely!! Thanks for the laugh, John.

    • Lebowski will never be not funny to me.

      Kelly, I forget if I’ve mentioned it, but have you seen this?

      Here’s the Jesus Quintana scene, Shakespear-ized:

      Hail, masters! I crave thine able readiness
      To be dealt with roughly, as the Sodomites.
      For men of sport have noted that our play
      In semifinal hour draws on apace.
      By Jove! I’ll wager well, Liam and me,
      To thrash thee soundly at the fair tourney.

      Yea, well, that be, forsooth, thy opinion, sir.

      Well; but be forewarn’d. It reach’d mine ears
      That combustible Walter, o’ercome with rage
      Did shed good sense, and raise his sword in play.
      I fear not such jade’s tricks, an seeing ill,
      Would snatch the burden from the jealous knight
      And pierce his gizzard with the wrongful steel,
      Points up, as said of Coriolanus.


      Thou speakest rightly, sir. No man misdeals with Joshua Quince, by Jesu.

      [Exeunt QUINCE and O’BRIEN]

      Nay, fear him not, nor his unworthy joys.
      Recall the tragic tale of the pageboys.

  4. This is brilliant. My favourite is the last one. I love how the Malibu cop says the “jerk-off” insult line, which is one of my favourite lines in the movie. I also love how there’s no emotion in these voices, so that when the Dude says “F*ckin’ fascist!” it sounds so plain and disregarding. You couldn’t have picked a better movie to Xtranormalise.

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  6. rtm

    Congrats on making the hit list again, John… you’ve got yourself some big fans on IMDb staff there 😀

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