Reel Missing, Insert Footage of Monkeys Riding Dogs

I’d like to apologize for having weak content for most of the week. I’ve been fighting a horrible sinus infection. What little time I’ve had awake has been spent lying down wishing I wasn’t awake anymore. To ask for forgiveness for a week of mostly mediocre content, here’s a bunch of footage of rodeo monkeys riding dogs. Sure, it’s a break from TV and movies and weird photoshop projects. But who doesn’t love a rodeo monkey riding a dog?

The first clip is from some between-innings entertainment at a Wilmington Blue Rocks game. I assure you, had rodeo monkeys riding dogs been a Minor League Baseball entertainment option when I was a Media Relations Director in professional baseball, I would’ve spent a lot less time trying to book people like Krazy George (who, by the way, was an incredibly nice guy… but a monkey riding a dog, he was not).

This was where I first saw it, and my comment at the time was “If a monkey dressed like a spaghetti western character ever rode up on a dog and gave me a burrito, I could die right then and there as a very happy man”.

Here’s Whiplash the Taco John’s monkey corralling sheep at a rodeo:

If you’re really curious about this and want to book a monkey-riding dog, here’s a service you can use. No, I’m not kidding, why would you ask me if I’m kidding?


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4 responses to “Reel Missing, Insert Footage of Monkeys Riding Dogs

  1. @da_Rhettster

    I wish I had a girlfriend so I could ask her to marry me so I could book Team Ghost Riders for the reception.

    Awwww, who am I kidding? I’d book them to corral the wedding party down the aisle. Can you say Best. Wedding. Ever?

  2. No Apologies needed matey, get better soon!!


  3. rtm

    Hope you get better soon John. Weak content?? Are you kidding me man?

  4. Get well John, sinus infections are a nightmare!

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