20 Stupendous, Incredible, Awesome Quotes from Philip J. Fry

Every cartoon needs a lovable idiot, the type of person who radiates a type of Moron Zen. In Matt Groening’s 31st century universe, Futurama, the lovable idiot is Philip J. Fry. Here’s a taste of some of the more memorable things he’s said. As always, click on the image to get the full-res version:


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8 responses to “20 Stupendous, Incredible, Awesome Quotes from Philip J. Fry

  1. Yeay for Futurama!! Or the One Eyed Simpsons as my four year old calls it!!

    While we are talking about cartoons, can I put it out there that I have never seen an episode of Family Guy? phew there said it….I await the backlash.

    Very funny list again. You cheer my lunchtimes up everyday 🙂


    • No worries about Family Guy. I like it, watch it, enjoy it, etc… but I can definitely understand how it might not appeal to some folks. There’s a whole South Park episode that needles Family Guy pretty mercilessly.

      • It’s not like I even have an opinion on it. It just completely passed me by. I feel I can’t get involved now as I would just be jumping on the band wagon.

        If I did could I jump in anywhere or would I need to start from the beginning?

        • I think you’d be safe jumping in just about anywhere. One of the South Park points of contention with the show is that so much of the Family Guy episodes are completely unrelated to anything that’s going on.

  2. Don

    Moron Zen… I love it!

  3. Kelly

    In one of the Anthology of Interest episodes (I can’t remember if it was the first or second), Fry suggests something he’d like to see on the What-If machine. The Professer tells him he needs to put his request into a question. So Fry says something like, “Can it do that thing I said?” Priceless.

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