Potential Ghost Hunting Shows

Ghost hunting shows have been all the rave with tv viewers the last few years. Seemingly every network has one. In addition to the wildly popular Ghost Hunters on SyFy, there’s also Ghost Lab (Discovery Channel; The Haunted (Animal Planet); Celebrity Ghost Stories AND My Ghost Story (Bio); Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel); Paranormal State (A&E), and I’m sure many more. You can even go as far back as 15 years ago when the History Channel started Haunted History. By my count, you have the police, dogs, historians, Scott Baio, some annoying and loud Travel Channel guys, and scientists all chasing ghosts. That’s a lot of ground covered. But there’s still fertile territory out there. What other ghost-themed shows are missing from television? Here are my suggestions.

Ghost vs. Food, The Food Network
This is perfect because it would position The Food Network to target the markets for two Travel Channel shows- Man vs. Food and Ghost Adventures. The premise: two sous-chefs seeking higher visibility will travel from haunted restaurant to haunted restaurant, making their delicious food and leaving it out all night. Cameras and recorders will be placed near the food, preferably night vision cameras to make the food look spookier. Should their dish be good enough to lure out any specters, it means instant street credibility for the sous-chef.

Snooki’s Guido Ghostravaganza, MTV
This would obviously aim at a younger market and would further establish Snooki as a reality TV stalwart. Infinite bonus points would occur if her status as a self-proclaimed “guidette” would lure out executed mafia members. I’m hoping for something like the following, with Snooki playing the role of Paulie Gaultieri:

You’re Too Fat to Chase Down a Ghost, NBC
Past cast members of The Biggest Loser would populate this show, tracking down ghosts in haunted gyms in between workouts. People finding satisfactory evidence are allowed to skip a morning of training.

Ghost whispering

Dexter (Season 6), Showtime
How fun would it be if Dexter Morgan was haunted by the ghosts of his victims instead of his dad? Obviously, it’s 100% impossible and would be the precise moment the show jumped the shark. But I’d still enjoy seeing, say, Trinity returning to break Dexter’s plates and move his furniture around.

Battered Ghosts, Lifetime
Ok, maybe I’m appealing to a cliché that’s been retired in recent years. I wouldn’t know because I don’t really watch much (any) Lifetime. Having said that, I might watch a little more Lifetime if it featured the ghosts of Meredith Baxter Barney and/or Valerie Bertinelli haunting abusive spouses or something.

Jiggly Ghost Hunters, Spike
Speaking of clichés… How about two buxom ladies jiggling around a haunted house, holding EMF meters and accomplishing nothing but bouncing around? You know Spike would do this. You just know they would.

Haints!, CMT
If you could picture Disney’s The Country Bears as real people (and not bears), lurking in barns and carrying baseball bats to beat up ghosts, you’d have your show. Think of all of the extra ghost hunting equipment you could fit into all of of those overall pockets.

Dios Mio! Es un Fantasma!, Univision
Not dissimilar from the Spike TV show, it’d feature a boatload of beautiful scantily-clad Latin-American women and ghosts. In fact, it’d be a lot like this clip from The Simpsons episode in Brazil.


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6 responses to “Potential Ghost Hunting Shows

  1. rtm

    Ahah, that Ghost vs. Food one sounds like a hoot. Reminds me when I was a kid my mom told us to leave cookies for Santa’s helpers and of course they’d be gone by morning.

    And y’know I’ve always wondered that about Dexter, how does that guy sleep at night?

  2. Don

    Jiggly Ghost Hunters! Or how about Gilf Hunters, Where a couple sleezeball guys go looking for dead porn stars.

  3. Dan

    I used to love these types of shows until the market got so inundated with them they each had to out do the other with silly stunts and less believable investigations.

    One of my old favourites from the UK was Most Haunted. Their resident medium kept getting possessed – interesting and scary if real, highly amusing if not. Any way, after some questions were asked about how he was getting the information ghosts were supposedly giving him from beyond the grave they set up a trap. Believing that he was researching venues ahead of time (given that the audience was always premised with the knowledge the medium showed up at investigations totally blind) they left fake historical facts and names in various places around the venue. When the investigation began and suddenly the medium was saying he was speaking to some fictional ghost devised by the production team , they knew he was a faker. In fact, cunningly, the fake ghosts name was an anagram of the medium’s name with “faker” at the end.

    The show has gone down hill since then. Despite the fact the medium was obviously faking his possessions, they were the most fun part of the show.

    • I had to laugh when I saw that even the Animal Planet had one. Dog ghost hunters, for me, was the precise moment that the genre became too much.

      I’m still a real sucker for Ghost Hunters, myself. The fact that they aren’t finding evidence in every single place lends credence to the show for me. I’m not even sure I believe in ghosts in the first place but even if I did, I wouldn’t believe that every singe place in the world is haunted. I always crack up when they roll out their Roto-Rooter plumbing equipment.

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