Don’t Be Stoonad! Take the Gangster Movie Challenge!

If movies have proven anything, it’s that the world can never have enough gangster movies. They’re a classic part of American cinema. But just how much do you know about gangster films? Do you belong in witness protection? Could you rise to consigliere? Better yet, could you be the don? The omerta is over, at least temporarily. Take this quiz about classic gangster films and find out where you belong in the family.

Find the answers here. How did you do? Are you heading to Nebraska under an assumed name like Homer Thompson? Does anyone need their ring polished?

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24 responses to “Don’t Be Stoonad! Take the Gangster Movie Challenge!

  1. Don

    One point away from being protected when the Feds show up! If only I could have remembered Ma Barker!

  2. Ahah 9 points, I suck as a Button Man.

  3. Kelly

    I just barely made it with 11 points. I actually guessed Ma Barker because I didn’t know of any other female gangsters. And to me, Moroni has always been ‘the guy who looks like he should be in a casket,’ so that was my answer to #8.

    • For the 15 years since I first saw that movie, I thought it was spelled “Maroni”. And then last night, it dawned on me that it’s spelled “Moroni”. As in “moron”. As in “what I felt like when I realized that his name has moron in it and I never got the joke”.

      I love that character so much.

  4. fuzzywuzzy

    16 points…”I come from a personal friend of Mr Johnny Fontane. That friend promises his undying friendship if you would do him a small favor.”

  5. Grr… I got a 14. I got some learning to do!

  6. Only 7 points. Oh well, my favourite Gangster movie is Jane Austen’s Mafia!

  7. rtm

    My brothers might be better at this being fans of The Godfather and all. But I won’t even attempt the take the quiz as I haven’t seen most of the movies. If you have a Jane Austen quiz, then sign me up! 😀

  8. rtm

    My, my, my… on the IMDb hit list again?? What’s the recipe, dude? 😀 Congrats!!

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  10. Atanu

    “The UNDERBOSS”….not bad…only 2 more points would have made me THE DON….dammit!

  11. @Da_Rhettster

    Cool. Underboss.

    As an Indiana resident (grew up in Michigan City where the REAL prison is, not Joliet as shown in the movie), I was kind of disappointed in Public Enemies. And, in kind of, I mean, extremely. In some areas they were very careful to historic detail (most of the Crown Point stuff, the “Lady in Red” actually WAS in orange) but threw other stuff completely to the wind. These would include the events at the Bohemia Lodge and, of course, not using the real Indiana State Prison in Michigan City which looks NOTHING like the Illinois state pen in Joliet with its flat, featureless walls.

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  13. RickDVD

    I can’t believe I got 19 points and I actually got Roman of Roman Moroni, too. I don’t know if I’m ranked, or not. Still, a very interesting quiz.

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