Horror Movies About Lesser Holidays

After New Year’s Day, the holiday season is officially over. We now have to wait for the Martin Luther King holiday, and then Groundhog Day. I’d probably be a lot more excited about those days if there was a corresponding horror movie associated with them. After all, New Years Eve and Day, Christmas, and obviously Halloween all have horror films associated with them. You can also add President’s Day (The Tripper), St. Patrick’s Day (The Leprechaun), Thanksgiving (Thankskilling), and even April Fool’s Day (self-titled). Which horror movies need to be made about the lesser holidays?

Election Day

Open the voting booth, HAL

Potential plot: Having moved to a completely paperless ballot system, voting machines become an integral part of the voting system… until they become self aware, elect a robot President, and take over the country.

Cinco de Mayo
Potential plot: A tequila factory haunted by the ghosts of Mexican soldiers begins cranking out bottles with evil worms, who avenge their deaths by murdering the people who consume them on Cinco de Mayo.

Mardi Gras
Potential plot: It’s all inebriation, debauchery, and revelry in New Orleans until partiers begin showing up turned to stone. I think you see where this is going: Gorgon breasts.

Tax Day

Watch out, Zombie I.R.S. agents. He's coming for you.

Potential plot: Zombie I.R.S. agents arise from their graves and eat the brains of fraudulent taxpayers. The only way to defeat them is to shoot them in their pocket protectors. Stars Bruce Campbell.

Boss’s Day
Potential plot: An under-the-gun executive finally snaps from the pressure after receiving one “World’s Greatest Boss” mug too many and goes on a serial killing rampage through all of his stomping grounds. The country club scene is the most brutal. Stars David Hyde Pierce.

Columbus Day
Potential plot: While on an anthropological dig in Cuba, a vengeful Italian spirit is unearthed, punishing anyone who claims that the world is round.

Father’s Day
Potential plot: An unemployed father obsessed with doing more for his children becomes obsessed with the likes of Heathcliffe Huxtable, Ward Cleaver, and whatever those guys’ names were in My Two Dads. Any perceived threat to the perfect fatherly world that he’s created is met with violence and dismemberment. It’s a lot like Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy gone horribly wrong. Patton Oswalt takes the lead role of the father.

Daylight Savings
Potential plot: Sort of like Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray… if Murray was an alcoholic who committed involuntary manslaughter in a bar fight every day, with each day repeating itself. Possible title: Deathlight Savings.

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17 responses to “Horror Movies About Lesser Holidays

  1. Deathlight Savings! Sign me up.

  2. I noticed, by the way, that my people are woefully underrepresented here.

    8 Days of Terror (Hannukah Horror!) or The Mark of Seder (Return of Elijah) would be nice horror titles.

    “Take This Job and Shavuot” could be an excellent story about a Jewish factory worker who quits his job, then goes on a berserk killing spree.

  3. juan cela

    I am spanisch screwrentier films

  4. Don

    Eli Roth Presents: Arbor Day – The discovery of a team of lumberjacks brutally hacked to death is just the beginning. Can a rogue tree surgeon and a plucky IRS Agent prevent the vengeful trees from taking their revenge on the supermodels-only nudist colony?

    • That would be infinitely better than M. Night Shyamalan’s take on Arbor Day- Marky Mark and his friends get murdered by trees and the wind.

      It also sounds mildly similar to John Frankenheimer’s “The Prophecy”, though it’s not Arbor Day specific. And it’s mutant bear pig things that are murdering people, and not trees. It does, however, involve lumberjacks.

  5. rtm

    Congrats yet again on the IMDb pick, John! Lots of fun ideas that Hollywood should take notice 😀 David Hyde Pierce for Boss Day is brilliant… and Deathlight Savings, awesome!

  6. The Father’s Day movie actually sounds pretty good. Sorta like a companion to Serial Mom.

    • All Oswalt would have to do is make his “Big Fan” character a little more mature- place his Giants football zeal onto some children, and there you go.

  7. In college I did a short film called “Columbus Day.” It was the token slasher flick that all students feel they have to shoot before moving onto more subtle faire.

  8. Ben

    Ides of March- A hair stylist named Marcus goes around stabbing anyone with a Julius Caesar style haircut. So basically, no man is safe…

  9. fuzzywuzzy

    Memorial Day: When BBQ Attacks!

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