Enthusiasm Uncurbed: The Long Wait for Season 8

Now that Dexter, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk  Empire are done with their respective seasons, there’s a lull in my TV viewing. Breaking Bad– my favorite show on TV- is still between seasons. The next contender to rescue my Sunday TV viewing is Curb Your Enthusiasm. Help me, Larry David. You’re our only hope.

In anticipation of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, here are my favorite moments from the show presented chronologically (because ranking them would be pretty much impossible). Initially, I thought I’d have 10 clips or so but the show is so hilarious that I wound up with twenty, and then edited it down to 12. All clips copyright HBO.

Beloved Aunt
Of all the excellent moments that made me love this show in the first season, this was my favorite.

Bald Asshole
“That’s a hate crime.” And it changed my life, too. I’ll never shun a trick or treater.

“That bald man is in the bathroom and there’s something in his pants!”
This whole episode was phenomenal from start to finish- Larry cutting the doll’s hair (and only winding up in her room because he refused to use the other bathroom), decapitating Sammie Greene’s doll to make amends, Susie Greene’s subsequent volcanic eruption, and then this:

Baby Jesus is delicious
From “Mary, Joseph, and Larry”, which is on the short list for my all-time favorite episodes. Here’s the clip of Larry after having eaten a baby Jesus cookie:

And then later, Larry gets in a fight with the actor in a Nativity scene and coughs up Cheryl’s pubic hair… in front of her whole family.

Maybe one day, I’ll get a chance to do something good for somebody like that.
From “The Grand Opening”, where Larry has inadvertently hired a chef who has Tourette Syndrome. I showed this episode to my friend and he thought it was so funny that he insisted upon showing it to both his wife and his mother in law.

Calling David Schwimmer’s Dad
This is another one that would be on the short list of my favorite episodes. Everything from the inadvertent insult to David Schwimmer’s dad, the heart holter, the faked heart attack, meeting Mugsy Bogues and looking at his junk… It’s a stacked episode.

Will the real Survivor please stand up?
is the only show that could pull this off.

The Big Vagina
Presented without commentary.

This one actually is my favorite episode (“The Ski Lift”), because later in the same episode we get this:

Larry meets The Blacks and finds a baker.
Larry finds out about a great cake maker.

Wendy Wheelchair, meet Denise Handicapped
Yet another contender in the “favorite episode” category, Larry inadvertently makes a date to the same event with two women in wheelchairs. And they employ Rosie O’Donnell’s help to punish him.

Exposed midriffs and urine-related miracles
This one caused quite an uproar in some circles. In my home, all it caused was a crapload of laughter.

There you have it- some of the funniest TV clips around in the 21st century. I’m sufficiently excited for season 8.


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5 responses to “Enthusiasm Uncurbed: The Long Wait for Season 8

  1. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen some of these episodes, but watching these clips makes me want to go watch them all right now. Curb definitely ranks right behind Seinfeld as my all time favorite show.

  2. Stu

    Season 7 was so good. I’m of the opinion that Larry David has never been better than in “Curb.”

    • “Curb” never stops being funny. Lots of shows lose their stride at some point but I’m a firm believe that Curb is every bit as funny as it’s ever been. Maybe moreso. Last season had as much hilarity as any, with the penis cake, the bare midriff episode, dating the two women in wheelchairs, more Leon…

      I’m 100% ready for it to come back.

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