“It’s a Wonderful Life” Mashups

This weekend, NBC will be airing It’s a Wonderful Life. Love it or hate it, it’s such an integral part of holiday tradition for a lot of families. I know that we certainly watched it around the holidays in my home when I was a kid, and I try to catch at least a few scenes of it each year. Naturally, this breeds familiarity. We know all of the characters like the back of our hands because we re-visit them every 12 months. With this familiarity in my holster, I’ve generated some mashups of It’s a Wonderful Life with some other films. Every time a bell rings, classic movie characters are defiled via Photoshop.

Whatever Happened to Baby Zuzu?

Taxi Driver
The cop and the cab driver are famously named Bert and Ernie, but I kind of approached this from a different angle.

The French Connection
Speaking of Bert the cop…

The Lost Weekend
It might as well have been about George Bailey.

Drugstore Cowboy
Mr. Gower played it fast and loose with his pharmacy.

Clarence: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Ever wonder why he has to earn his wings? I like to pretend that this is why.

Mr. Potter and the Half Blood Prince
This isn’t exactly my best photoshop work. In fact, it’s kind of bad. But maybe the crappiness adds to the charm? At any rate, it was too good to pass up with the names being the same.

Wall Street
This was the first one I thought of for Mr. Potter. And surely I’m not the first person to think of this.

And last but not least, Buffalo Gal ’66

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