How are you finding my blog? Part II

One of my favorite parts of having TDYLF is the completely random ways that people track down my entries. A few months ago, I wrote this same article, but things have changed a bit since then. So just how exactly are people finding TDYLF?

muppet dur dur dur
Ah, the Swedish Chef. I think I only referenced him once, here.

groundhog day wrestlemania boardwalk empire
I got nothin’. 2/3 of that has never been referenced here.

55 times- 55!- people have found me in the last three months while searching for this. Even better? I didn’t even write about Thankskilling until November 17th. So all 55 of those hits have come in the last three weeks. Take note, Hollywood. My readers have spoken and they want to see more murderous magical pseudo-claymation turkeys in their movies.

midget boxing
This has been used to find me 12 times. In fact, I get TONS of hits related to random Boardwalk Empire things. For instance:

boardwalk empire gonorrhea
boardwalk empire meyer lansky
japanese sandman boardwalk empire
harrow boardwalk empire

are all double digit hits. And Jimmy Darmody is my #2 all-time Hits Leader. With all of the various deviations of the search (“Darmody”, “Jimmy Darmody”, “Jimmy Darmody Boardwalk Empire”, etc…), the number of hits from Darmody is well into the triple digits.

best french films
This is #1 on the list. In fact, of all of my entries that haven’t been on IMDB, my “Top 50 French Films” list has gotten the most traffic.

dexter debra morgan irritating
I get lots of these and it makes me happy because it means that I’m far from the only person who finds her annoying. Though I’ll confess, she bugs me a lot less than she used to.

human centipede on ice and human centipede fail
I have a single tear streaming down my cheek right now. If you look up “Human Centipede fail” on Google, I’m the first thing that pops up.

And of course…

samurai boobs
This has a soft spot in my heart because people invariably find it because of one of my very first entries- a “Great Moment in Movie History” featuring the Lone Wolf and Cub with the topless samurai woman.


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18 responses to “How are you finding my blog? Part II

  1. Jim

    Well you found me because we got featured by WordPress (not sure why, can’t be the quality of our content). Then I checked out your blog and knew it was a quality endeavor.

    As far as Groundhog Day Wrestlemania Boardwalk Empire, I think that was me, when I referenced how the guy who plays agent Van Alden also played the recently married kid Bill Murray gives Wrestlemania tickets to in Groundhog Day. That might be enough for Google.

    I imagine folks watch BWE and think “is that the guy from Groundhog Day” and Google what they remember about his character in the film.

    • Crap, I hate that there was logic to it. I was so excited about the random assortment (which turns out to not be random). I’d completely spaced on the Groundhog Day thing.

  2. Jim

    Then forget I did it.

    Also forget this: Boardwalk Empire Margaret Schroeder No Country for Old Men.


  3. Jim

    And for good measure: John Mayer Monkey Porn.

    Let’s see what that draws!

    • A very tiny little part of my frontal lobe just fired out a synapse that said “I wonder what shows up NOW when you google ‘John Mayer monkey porn’?” But it died out quickly.

  4. It’s funny seeing some of the google searches that bring me traffic. Most of it comes from people search for Once Upon a Time in the West, but every once in a while I’ll get something like “yellow dog movie” or “Vin Diesel shower scene”.

  5. I found your site via a comment you left at

  6. Stu

    This one’s simple. You were listed a few spaces below me on the Technorati film blog rankings about a month back and your name grabbed me – I’m glad it did. You have a wonderful panache for light hearted pop-culture commentary.

    • That might be the only hits I’ve gotten off of that Technorati subscription. But I’m glad it’s getting me something. Thanks for visiting and the compliment!

  7. Dude

    Funny thing is, I can’t find your blog by googling “The Droid You’re Looking For”. (Or Droid you’re looking for blog etc.) I can find it by TDYLF though. And no John Mayer Monkey Porn yet…Just Checked

  8. I saw a list of the top 100 things you liked about movies, which was awesome. It was so different than a lot of other things I read online, so I added it to my Google Reader.

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