An Open Letter to Simon Pegg

I’ll give a big fat thumbs up to everyone who ignores that this is a parody of Mac’s letter to Chase Utley on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


November 18, 2010 · 11:03 am

9 responses to “An Open Letter to Simon Pegg

  1. I love Simon Pegg and Sunny in Philly! You and I should be friends too!

    And how do those Brits get away with saying the T and C words all the time? I only wish I could, because I know quite a few Cs who need to be told!

    • The next time you’re in St. Louis, come on by for beers and public usage of the T and C word.

      The place you have to be careful is to not watch too much British TV and/or movies all at once because you’ll hear it enough and want to start using it all the time.

  2. The magnificent facial expressions of Simon Pegg is probably going to be on my list of 100 things I love about the movies.

  3. Ruben

    It was Mac’s letter to Utley, not Charlie’s.

  4. marlowesnymph

    This is amazing. I loooooooove Simon Pegg. I was just watching Hot Fuzz yesterday. One of my faves.

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