An Ode to Peter Stormare

I have decided to honor Peter Stormare with crappy poetry.

Stormare! How great are thee,
Whether Lucifer or Hungus in Lebowski,
And on Seinfeld, you were Slippery Pete

Stormare! You sold us on Volkswagen with your motto
“It’s time to unpimp ze auto”
In Bunny LaJoya’s pool, you were completely blotto

Stormare! You shine as bright as the Big Dipper,
Especially when you stuffed Buscemi into the woodchipper,
So chilling, Frances McDormand did whimper

Stormare! Not everyone can have a perfect day,
So I forgive that time you worked with Michael Bay,
When on “Armageddon” a cosmonaut you played

Stormare! You’re a character actor after my heart,
Because Ingmar Bergman gave you your start,
Long before you became Flea’s counterpart

Stormare! As a nihilist you were unstable,
But as Hungus, you fixed the cable
When an evil blonde european is needed, you’re always able

Stormare! You always drop it like it’s hot,
For that, I really like you a lot
And also, something about Logjammin’



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4 responses to “An Ode to Peter Stormare

  1. heyzeus

    This is excellent – excellent – work.

  2. Such a wide variety or roles. I call him “The Swedish Buscemi.”

    • It’s been four years or so since the VW ads were out and I still crack up thinking about them. I guess he’s a musician or something, according to his Wiki page.

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