Failed Ghostbusters Product Endorsements

This is likely a week too late. All the same, Ghostbusters was on the other day and it got the wheels turning.

Red Zuul

Chocolate flavored Stay-Puft Marshmallows

Slimer-approved Kleenex

The Gozer Workout Video
I always wondered why the most evil demigod in the underworld looked like a cross between an 80’s fitness instructor and David  Bowie.

Louis Tully, CPA
I’m well aware that Comic Sans is a horrible font. In my fictional Ghostbusters advertising world, I sort of assume that a CPA would have awful graphic design skills, particularly in the 80’s.

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8 responses to “Failed Ghostbusters Product Endorsements

  1. Well done!

    I know I’m not the only person who would drink Red Zuul; it has to taste better than Red Bull. It can’t get much worse!

  2. fuzzywuzzy

    I will pay whatever it takes to get some Red Zuul.

  3. Slimer Kleenex … that should have caught on. Endless advertising opportunities there.

  4. Marc

    The chocolate Stay Puft marshmallow man is genius! My hat is off to you sir. Well done:)

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