Seven Films That Would be Better with Lebowski Characters

Having had success the last time I did this, I thought I might give it another go. Here are seven films that would be better with Lebowski characters. I excluded The Dude because, well, every movie would be better with The Dude in it.

1. Murderball starring Jeffrey Lebowski

2. Twilight starring little Larry Sellers

And why not? He’s got ties to Hollywood via his father, the author of several episodes of Branded.


3. Barbershop starring Uli Kunkel, Kieffer, and Franz (a.k.a. The Nihilists)

4. The People vs. Larry Flynt starring Jackie Treehorn


5. The Woodsman starring Jesus Quintana

6. The House Bunny starring Bunny LaJoya (a.k.a. Bunny Lebowski née Fawn Gunderson)

7. The Cable Guy starring Karl Hungus (a.k.a. Uli Kunkel)


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5 responses to “Seven Films That Would be Better with Lebowski Characters

  1. Dude

    Karl Hungus in Cable Guy!!!!! Hilarious.

  2. If Little Larry was in Twilight, I might actually watch it. Nobody in the business can stonewall like he can. And his character would probably have to be flunking Social Studies.

  3. criminal5

    The Jesus in The Woodsman is high comedy, well done.

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