Six TV Series That Actually Existed. No, really. This Crap Existed.

Ah, television. You’ve given birth to some fantastic things. But, like all great providers, you aren’t without your flaws. Here are six TV series that I will hold against you for a long time.

1. She’s the Sheriff
I’m frightened that somewhere in Hollywood in the 80’s, people sat around a table and said “You know what we need more of on television? Suzanne Somers”.

2. Uncle Buck: The Series
It starred Kevin Meaney. A friend of mine- one of the funniest dudes I know- got to meet Kevin Meaney when he performed his comedy routine at our alma mater. My friend walked up to him, shook his hand, and said “I really enjoyed your work on Uncle Buck: The Series.”

3. Cop Rock
Way back in the stone ages, before we could be entertained by a British asshole being rude to crappy amateur American singers, we had to get our music entertainment in prime time from… cops. Thanks, Steven Bochco.

4. T.J. Hooker
Hollywood groupthink: C.H.I.P.S. was a hit. Farrah Fawcett is hot and unemployed now that Charlie’s Angels is over. Let’s combine the two with the awesome power of Shatner to create a mega-hit!

5. Any reality TV show ever made
Hey, it’s my list. And I’ll put whatever I want on here. Pick any of ’em, it doesn’t matter, they’re all awful. And that crap exists.

6. Enos (Dukes of Hazzard spinoff)
Yep. There was a Dukes of  Hazzard spinoff. About Enos. Seriously.

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9 responses to “Six TV Series That Actually Existed. No, really. This Crap Existed.

  1. heyzeus

    I’ve never tried to watch an episode of this, and I know it appears in lots of worst-ever-show lists, but this description of the short-lived 60s program “My Mother the Car” is just too wonderful to believe.

    “The pilot episode introduces us to the world of Dave Crabtree. Dave is your ordinary family man, married to wife Barbara and they have two children, Randy and Cindy. However, it’s when he purchases a 1928 Porter, that he discovers that another family member is living with him, his deceased mother. It seems Dave Crabtree’s mother has been reincarnated as a car. The voice of Dave’s mother was provided by actress Ann Sothern and the only person the car would talk to was Dave.”

  2. Okay, I liked T.J. Hooker, but Heather Locklear and Shatner is golden no matter what to me.

    I’ve never seen the Suzanne Somers one and never heard of it. Thankfully I never have to complain about getting that time back.

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  4. I’m slightly horrified that I remember all of these. Particularly “She’s the Sheriff”. I was hoping there would be spinoffs from that like “She’s the Coroner” and “She’s the Painkiller Addicted Middle Manager”.

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