Seven Smartass Questions I’d Like to Ask to Fictional Mafia Ghosts

1. Fredo Corleone
Are there any other prayers that might give me more luck while fishing? Because that other one obviously didn’t work.

2. Ralphie Cifaretto (and also Morrie Kessler)
Did your hairpiece make it into the ghost world?

3. Tom Powers
Which is the best fruit to smash into a woman’s face?

4. Phil Leotardo
If I were going to replace the tires on my car, which ones would you recommend?

5. Moe Green
How many fingers am I holding up on my left hand?

6. Pie-O-My
Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? YOU’RE a good girl.


Yes you are. YES YOU ARE. You ARE a good girl.


7. Frank Carbone (or Fat Dom Gamiello)
How long can I keep stuff in the freezer before it gets freezer burn?

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