Rotten Fish: A Terse Review of “Catfish”

I’m not going to spend much time reviewing “Catfish” because the film’s makers are adamant that people keep quiet so as to not ruin the experience for future moviegoers. But, I do feel that it’s important to let people know how I felt about it.

It was the biggest movie jerkoff ever put to celluloid.



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2 responses to “Rotten Fish: A Terse Review of “Catfish”

  1. This was a major letdown. Doing my own video web rant on this in a day or two because it bothered me so much. And fuck them — I’m spoiling it…there is NOTHING to give away anyway. Nothing friggin’ happened!!!

    • Exactly. Ultimately I wound up spilling the beans and lighting into the film and filmmakers. What they’re doing with their ad campaign is more or less theft, and keeping silent about it as they implore viewers to do only aids and abets their thievery.

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