The Movie Weekend That Was


After a couple of dead movie weekends, I finally had a chance to spend a weekend doing nothing else. Granted, napping away a nasty cold robbed me of some movie time, but there was still ample opportunity. The weekend brought me a sports drama, two big budget efforts from 1976, a very unique documentary, a recent Oscar nominee, and a continuation of my struggle with Brian DePalma. This is the movie weekend that was. Continue reading


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Other TV Shows That Could Take Place in Minnesota


Fargo made its debut on FX this week. It was a gripping premiere, full of plenty of the shenanigans we’ve come to love from the Coen catalogue. Having lived in Duluth, Minnesota briefly, I got a kick out of hearing locations like Bemidji and Duluth referred to regularly. Then on Twitter, I saw this banter between IndieWire editor Sam Adams and Daniel Fienberg of HitFix:

Naturally, this led me to wonder what other Minnesota-themed TV shows might be created. Continue reading


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Tales from the Synapses

The other day, I realized that I hadn’t posted anything in a few weeks. Rather than letting TDYLF remain dormant, now seemed like as good a time as any to bang out a quick article. Of course, I don’t have any specific focus. However, I do have a lot of random thoughts to dump out of my head. Let’s do this Larry King-style, with a bunch of meandering garbage that’s crept in and out of my skull in the last few weeks. Continue reading


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Infographic: Where are Baseball Movies Made?

unnamedTo commemorate baseball’s Opening Day (which really should be a national holiday), Todd at Forgotten Films is hosting the Big League Blogathon- a series of articles by multiple contributors, all themed around baseball in cinema. If you know me at all, then you know there’s no way I could pass up the opportunity to contribute. Since I used to work for a minor league baseball team that played where A League of Their Own (1992) was filmed, it seemed like a natural fit to focus on filming locations for baseball movies. Specifically, I’ve created a map visualization showing where baseball films have been made through the years. Enjoy! Continue reading


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The Movie Weekend That Was


March Madness took a little bite out of my movie weekend. There’s something inherently charming about being able to flip on the TV at any point during a weekend and see college kids trying to fulfill their dreams. That said, there was still time for movies. This weekend introduced me to a horrifying double feature about sex, made me face down a phobia, introduced me to a sports classic, and gave me a special Thrill. This is the movie weekend that was. Continue reading


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Turn Back the Clock Night: The First TDYLF Article, Four Years Later

Baseball teams love to have ‘Turn Back the Clock Night.’ It’s a promotion where teams wear uniforms from the past, usually in the interest of invoking nostalgia. It’s fun, and often hideous thanks to polyester, outdated logos, and v-neck jerseys. That brings me to today’s article. As of today, I’ve been writing about movies and TV for exactly four years. That’s a really obnoxious, self-aggrandizing way of saying that it’s TDYLF’s 4th anniversary, birthday, or whatever you want to call it. For sheer entertainment value and to “turn back the clock” (so to speak), I thought it’d be fun to run the first thing I ever wrote, way back on March 18, 2010. Continue reading


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